Step 2: Receiving Tools

Project meeting (14-21 August 2017, 2017 / Tartu, Estonia)

The next step is much more specific, now you should find ways how to implement your idea. First, you should finalise your plans by finding answers to such questions as: 

  • What social problem would you like to get solved? 
  • What exactly can you do? 
  • How will it help people around you? 
  • Why is it important for you?

When the idea is clear, we’ll give you hand with the practical tools. In the course of the project meeting, you will get basic knowledge about project management: teamwork, budget, time management, PR and so on.

These days will not make you a professional manager, but it will be enough to handle your planned project/activities and start working to reach your set aims. And, of course, you’ll be given an endless mental support from our experienced facilitators.

Starting from this seminar participants from both Introduction seminars will work together.