Do you care about the place you live?

"Bridge It!" programme is made for those who care about social processes in the society and want learn how to put their ideas into reality. The programme consists of four steps throughout six months (from July to December). It includes intensive seminars in different countries within Baltic Sea region and peer-work with experienced international facilitators. The working language of Bridge It! programme is English.

The programme is made for you if you are:

  • the age from 18 to 28 years old
  • ...coming from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, or North-West of Russia
  • to communicate in English (basic skills for communication)
  • ...interested in civic initiatives (student councils, NGOs, social activities, volunteering, etc.)
  • ...want to implement a social project (and perhaps, have some interesting ideas for it already)
  • ...caring about your local communities and enjoying discussing social topics
  • ...willing to challenge yourself
  • ...fully available to attend all the programme activities

We will help you to build a bridge from IDEA to REALISATION:

  • we invest in you and your development because we believe in the changes starting from ourselves
  • we encourage you to think critically and to perceive the world in it's all diversity
  • we give you impulses for civic involvement and a space for trying out own initiatives

The programme consists of four steps of which you can read in the following subsections.

It's a Programme!

Applying for the “Bridge It!” programme means sticking with it for around 6 months. This period is full of activities, thoughts, exciting ideas, and interesting people. Roughly, it consists of 4 parts:

- Introductory seminar
- Project Meeting
- Project Work
- Evaluation seminar