Step 4: Look back

Evaluation seminar (December 2017)

Nevertheless, in order to understand the real impact and success of your activities, it’s important to evaluate them. In the course of the Evaluation seminar, you will have the chance to discuss the problems you might have occurred during the project implementation phase and receive advice for the solutions, as well as plan cooperation for the future, and simply enjoy the exchange of each-other’s experiences. It is a happy reunion and a start of new beginnings!

After the final seminar, the official programme year is over, but we hope that it’s not the end for your personal growth and gaining new experiences. Although it’s mostly up to you, we will also have some offers for future actions but…let’s talk about it in 6 months! 

The best people to explain you what this programme is really about are ones who have experienced it already, former participants or Bridge it!. In the course of their programme years, they have been taking care of the blog where they describe their seminar days. Go check it out!