Project management seminar

Location: Tartu, Estonia
Date: 14-21. August 2017


Introductory seminar "Cultural diversity: connective rather than separative?"

Location: near to Veliky Novgorod, Russia
Date: 5-13. July 2017


Group & facilitators
Some active presentation skills
Seminar sessions
Hands on: Art exhibition


Introductory seminar "Eco-communities: following a trend or a real need?"

Location: Glubokoe, Russia
Date: 5-13. July 2017


Group, facilitators
Seminar sessions
Eco-action: Cleaning up the surrounding of Glubokoe


International coordinators meeting of Theodor Heuss Kolleg

Location: Oberhausen, Germany
Date: 19-24. April 2017

Photos: Sille Sepp, Olexandr Moskovchuk

Qualification training “Psychological Basics of the Individual and Group Work at Non-Formal Education Seminars”

Location: St. Petersburg (Skotnoye), Russia
Date: 4-8. January 2017