Projects in 2017 by Bridge It! participants

This years introductory seminars tackled the topics of people's attitudes towards living “green” as well as our cultural diversity within the region. Nevertheless, participants were free to choose their project aims and target groups fitting best to their personal interests and societal problems around their local community. Here's the result - check out the projects of Bridge It! participants in 2017!




Literature City (Dovlatov’s Saint Petersburg)

First year students who study in a new city (in this case, Saint-Petersburg) have often a difficult time to become a part of the local community and to find friends here. I wanted to make students from different universities become closer to each other. During this project, I made two excursions and one cooking session for both groups. Excursions were based on Dovlatov’s books and life, and cooking session was about Russian cuisine. 

Project team: Kirill Babykin (RU)
Project location: St.Petersburg, Russia
Time period of the project (from planning until closing): 21/09/2017 – 26/11/2017 

Sustainable Fashion: Project “Нить”

The aim of this project was to raise awareness about consumption of sustainable fashion and the damage that fast fashion bring to the environment. We wanted to help the audience to find out ways how to become reasonable customer in modern society, to swap own old things, to make new ones and to find like-minded crowd

Project team:  Margarita Sidorova, Maryana Dementeva (RU)
Project location: St. Petersburg, Russia 
Time period of the project (from planning until closing): 09/2017 – 11/2017



"OWN WAY! Job shadowing"


Project team: Ave Mägi (EE)
Project location: Tartu, Estonia
Time period of the project (from planning until closing): 14/07/2017 – 26/10/2017


"Sustainable development – how can you contribute?"

One of the biggest issue in our society is consumerism – people are buying and using a lot of materials to fulfill their needs which provides negative effects like waste production and cost inefficiency. It happens mainly because they are influenced by the media and temporary trends, which have an important role in nowadays life. That is why we decided to promote awareness about consumerism issue in the society among youth and inform about sustainable development. Together we made an event of several lectures about sustainable development, its status in Lithuania, presentations of Lithuanian projects and companies related to urban sustainability and sustainable design and two different workshops about creative ways to reuse old objects and make the new ones.

Project team: Diana Romanovska and Goda Šuminaitė (LT)
Project location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Time period of the project (from planning until closing): 20/08/2017 – 11/11/2017





Project team: Ekaterina Poleshchuk (RU)
Project location: St. Petersburg, Russia  
Time period of the project (from planning until closing): 15/09/2017 – 12/10/2017





Project team: Elīna Moroza, Jānis Blūms, Reinis Jēkabs Galiņš (LV)
Project location: Latvia  
Time period of the project (from planning until closing): 




The aim of the project was to attract local community to the local abandoned forest-park and to promote social interaction there. The project implied creating a group in a social network (VKontakte ) where any person could propose an event or a meet-up in Rzhevskiy forest-park. In order to initiate actions, three events were organized: an excursion around the former military fortification in the forest, Scandinavian walk tutorial with a trainer and a photo shooting for people walking in the forest-park. The events gathered people and showed that it is possible to spend time in the forest-park in an interesting way.

Project team: Daria Chernik (RU)
Project location: St. Petersburg, Russia 
Time period of the project (from planning until closing): 26/08/2017 – 12/11/2017



“ŪPAI” - about people to whom age is only a number, not a lifestyle!

“ŪPAI” - is a stories based project about people who are motivated in their daily life and can share their inspiration with younger generation. The project “ŪPAI” reduces the gap between young and old generations and breaks the stereotype that old people can only be boring and inactive.

The main activity of the project is Facebook page there people can read interviews with inspiring elderly people and share their own similar stories. Moreover, project activities includes discussions and presentations during events and festivals in Lithuania.

Project team: Avelina Markevičiūtė (LT)
Project location: Vilnius, Lithuania 
Time period of the project (from planning until closing): 01/09/2017 – 26/11/2017



"Living Library"

Nowadays many senior students graduating from high school do not have any clear picture of their future job because they have not been prepared properly at school for adult life. Vocational classes at school give them little information of different occupations and fail to give them motivation. It also happens that parents force their children to follow in their footsteps. This causes that youth choose wrong area of studies when going to the university. The uncertainty accumulates and can result with stress.

The aim of the project was to help students of university and high school to choose their future occupation. The goal was supposed to be reached through personal talk among students and representatives of different professions who would share their experience. The project activities consisted of one day event at children’s library.

Project team: Artem Vazinger (RU)
Project location: Pskov, Russia
Time period of the project (from planning until closing): 03/09/2017 – 24/11/2017


Bridge It! stands for the values of democracy, critical thinking, and diversity awareness. Shared values are a prerequisite for potential partners and donors. In this sense, the Programme does its best to pay an exclusive attention to the selection of partners and donors for the projects being implemented by our fellows. Nevertheless, Bridge It! is not responsible for partners or donors attracted by fellows, shouldn't this information have communicated to the Programme Coordinators in advance.