"Bridge It!" projects 2014

Here's an insight of "Bridge It!" participants' projects in year 2014.

"Bridge It!" stands for the values of democracy, critical thinking, and diversity awareness. Shared values are a prerequisite for potential partners and donors. In this sense, the Programme does its best to pay an exclusive attention to the selection of partners and donors for the projects being implemented by our fellows. Nevertheless, "Bridge It!" is not responsible for partners or donors attracted by fellows, shouldn't this information have communicated to the Programme Coordinators in advance.


"Play. Rest. Notice.Live" is a social iniative aiming to raise attentiveness towards ourselves, peers and our surrounding while resting actively and mindfully. To be more interested and involved in the life around us, we need to be ready and set our minds for that, in other words, be mindful about it. So this iniative was a chance for everybody to show how they take time to rest and recharge their batteries.

To set up this flow of action, the iniative was started with a fun event on 7th September, in Haapsalu, Estonia. Organizers teamed up with a club called Modern Walking to promote a fun recreational activity - nordic walking, and use it while playing games and exercising in the local city. Next, a month-long photo competition with weekly themes (accordingly Play, Rest, Notice, Live) was organized, asking people to show how they use their resting time and inspire others with personal stories. Participants from all over the world were welcomed to take part in this inspirational movement. In the end of the competition, an inspirational reward from Kinfolk community was given to a the randomly picked winner.

For all this, a page was opened in Facebook, where all posts, articles, videos etc. could be posted. You can access to it from this link:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Play-Rest-Notice-Live/1451048845156006

Many people from all over the world were connected to the iniative, some through Facebook, some by just taking part of the event etc. The point of this iniative was to raise the topic of mindful resting and attentiveness. So even when one actually didn't engage in the event or competition, hopefully it gave some material to think about personally and a chance to better one's resting and living quality. 

Project team: Sille Sepp (EE)


It is very common for members of modern society to collect things, buy many items, consume on a large scale, therefore people often get things which they don't use. There are places where people can give away unnecessary stuff, but most of the people are busy or lazy to find them. Sometimes it is also true that such places are located in the city centre, meaning that a person who wants to give away these things has to travel far from his home. This may be difficult. That's why mostly people choose the most convenient thing for them - throwing those things away or just collecting them at home occupying large place in their living area.

The project team with a little help from some organizations (such as „Otrā elpa”, atkritumi.lv, „Zaļā josta” etc. ) made a two day event in the end of September 2014. One held in city center but other one in sleeping area Pļavnieki. During these events they had a stand where people had opportunity to exchange, give or take unused items, they could get rid of things they don't use by giving them to someone who needs it. Also they tried to raise awareness on places where you can give away paper, clothes, technic, etc.
All the items, including clothing that remained after the events were give to the charity shop "Otrā elpa".

Project team: Ieva Fridmane (LV), Alise Artamonova (LV), Baiba Kronberga (LV)



Educational seminar 'Know-how of Critical Thinking. Skills of argumentative rhetoric' took place on the 18th -19th of October, 2014 in a center 'ChangeLab' in Saint-Petersburg! The aim of the seminar was to empower young people to think critically and be able to present and defend their opinion publicly. These skills are of high importance nowadays as we face a huge amount of controversial information everyday. That is why we need to keep calm and think critically.

While conducting the seminar organizers combined practical and theoretical approaches to the topic: interactive lectures, role-play games, practical exrcised, debates and discussions. Both participants (!30 people!) and organizers stayed satisfied with the results of the seimar.

P.s. The cherry on the top were wonderful bowties for speakers made by Elina Takshaitova. One of the bowties came to the winner of the contest in social networks!

Project team: Liubov Petrova (RU), Olga Takshaitova (RU), Sophia Elovskaya (RU), Marit Joost (EE)


The project was about youth development through street workout and calisthenics. A varying number of participants (11-21), both male and female, joined training sessions that took place in Ventspils 3 to 5 times a week. The type of exercises and their execution was changed a bit everytime so to introduce the body with different effects of strength and endurance training. Together they participated in Power Day and worked on organizing a street workout competition. All of the participants were friendly and active. They soon befriended one another and the whole project became easier to implement and more fun to be in. The competition at the end of the project gained considerable recognition in the local newspaper and television.

Project team: Krišjānis Polāns (LV)



This project was about inspiring people in Aizstrautnieki, a village in Western Latvia, to do something in their free time and build enviroment around them. A sports event was organized which was participated by around 50 local people and there were few spectators as well.The main goal for project was to create a group of 3-4 local people who will make further events. Now there is group of people who are thinking about new events starting from 18 November, 2014 – the Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia.

Project team: Artis Krūms (LV)



On 26th September, 2014 in one of Moscow universities - Higher School of Economics (HSE) - there was a Day of Forest with the support of Bridge it!, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and WWF organized. This day many different organizations all over the world hold the events timed to FSC-Friday. They try to draw people's attention to the problems of forest and forest industry. In the hall of the University's main building a quiz was organized and a seminar held by the represenative of FSC. There was a great interest among students and workers of university to the quiz. They answered different questions about forest and got prizes if the answer was right. At the seminar various problems of forest industry were discussed. The representative told about the FSC-sign and products on which we can find it.

Project team: Irina Krivosheina (RU)


“ART.makes.SENSE.” is project that was made for visually handicaped children in Strazdumuiža Boarding school in Riga. Project’s aim was to make workshops based on different senses. During October 2014 “ART.makes.SENSE.” went to Strazdumuižas school and gave 4 workshops for pupils of the 1st grade.

What did they do on the workshops?

1. Movement and touch - they started with movements of autumn and then tried to bring that feel into objects that children made of clay.

2. Smell and taste - they recognized different products by touching them. They found differences between specific smells and tastes.  And the most important, they all together made very delicious sweets.

3. Sounds - they found out differences between sounds of musical instruments and played musical instruments as well.

4. Dance and rhythm - they learned some basic things about tap dance and rhythm and also learned to listen to music and improvise.

During all workshops children learned a lot of new things in addition to school programme and met new people, that helped to socialize and improve their comunication skills. After all they were happy and exited about everything that happened and that's very important! 

Project team: Elīza Denenfelde-Ķirpe (LV)


The project "1000 miles Away" was focused on young art-students (18-30 years old) who showed initiative and demonstrated their art works for the audience of Saint-Petersburg. An art exhibition was organized at the anti-cafe "Freedom for people", located in the central part of Saint-Petersburg. Project team chose to exhibit 20 different paintings devoted to the topic of "Travelling". This topic united all works and gave everyone a possibility to "go for a trip" to the world's depicted places. Thirteen artists took part in the project and shared their impressions and stories about their art works during the open meeting, organized on the 6th of November 2014. The artists have also organized master-class for the beginners and taught them "How to draw the cities' view". All participants were awarded by special certificates "Bridge it!" The expedition will last for a month. This project helped young artists to show their works for the public. And even, if wanted, visitors could buy some of those works which they liked most.

Project team: Mayya Shcherbinina (RU), Sophia Yelovskaya (RU)



The project EcoArt took place in a form of a cosy meeting for the the ones who are intrested in the topics of ecology and creation. On this meeting participants met experts from "Beautiful St.Petersburg", "No more Garbage", "Separate collection" and artists who create artworks from reused things (for instance, marbel mosaic decorations etc.). Participants of the seminar followed their example and also all together created different usefull things from reused things with help of new. 

Project team: Anna Isaeva (RU), Varvara Perevoznik (RU)

Nes Sevi

“Nes Sevi” is a social project about style, photography and stories. It is about people who decide to follow themselves and express themselves with clothes. Project was started in September 2014.

Since the project leader Ieva comes from Jēkabpils in Latvia, she saw the gap there between people, who want to express themselves with their style and those, who does not understand this kind of expression. By making this project Ieva wanted young people to become more positive and acceptable towards each other and not to be afraid to express themselves with style.

Ieva made a blog as a platform that informs and shows the positive way of expressing inner self with style. In this blog she posted pictures and interviews with people, who have their own style and vision of life. By using communication via internet (wordpress.com, Facebook, Instagram) as a method Ieva wanted to inspire young people in Jēkabpils (age 15-25) to celebrate self and encourage creativity and full expression. After two months of collecting stories the goal was to make an exhibition in a shopping center in Jēkabpils, to show the idea to others, who maybe do not read blogs.

With the exhibition Ieva tried to show that it is ok, that people are different, and there is no need to insult someone else, just because you do not understand that persons aims to look, move, talk and be expressed in different way than you and inspire them to wear what they want. In exhibition there were pictures of people, who were interviewed, quotes, what they have said. Also a “Nes Sevi” photo-wall was created in order to give people a chance to take pictures and put them on social media with tag #nessevi, so that later these pictures could be posted.

You can follow the project on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NesSevi?fref=ts


Project team: Ieva Druveniece (LV)


In our age of overconsumption almost all of us have a lot of things we don't use or use one time a year. The idea of this project was to make an application for social net vk.com which will be used  to share and to present things users don't need.

Users of app are able to choose people they are ready to share with (friends, friends of friends, all users, neighbors). The project team hopes this app will help people be more Eco-friendly and let them communicate more with each other.

If you are using vk.com site you can find an app through link: https://vk.com/app4628825_10894

Project team:  Ivan Y. and Irina Flotskaya (RU)