Projects 2013

Here's an insight of "Bridge it!" participants' projects in year 2013.

"Bridge It!" stands for the values of democracy, critical thinking, and diversity awareness. Shared values are a prerequisite for potential partners and donors. In this sense, the Programme does its best to pay an exclusive attention to the selection of partners and donors for the projects being implemented by our fellows. Nevertheless, "Bridge It!" is not responsible for partners or donors attracted by fellows, shouldn't this information have communicated to the Programme Coordinators in advance.

Bracelets of Friendship

The project was about violence prevention in a Latvian village school. Liene, the project leader wanted to get schools’ administrations attention focused on a problem of physical and emotional violence between school children. So, two interactive lessons for 1st – 4th grade pupils where organized when they played games, draw what kind of animal they would like to be and after described their drawing by using traffic light method. Also they discussed dealing with negative emotions and at the end made bracelets of wooden pearls which serve as a memory for this event.

Project team: Liene Ekša (LV)



Consuming Smart: Organic Sweets

The main goal of the project was to rise people’s awareness about healthy nutrition, to break stereotypes about it and show that healthy nutrition can be tasty, affordable, and easy to maintain. The project was implemented in the form of a workshop, where participants got not only theoretical advice how to make a choice between categories of healthiness, quality and price when buying food products. Also they gained practical skills: the receipt of vegetarian sweets made of organic ingredients (dried fruits), so in future they could cook such sweets by themselves as healthy alternative to candies.

Project team: Ekaterina Panteleeva (RU)



Song about Social Problems: “Exotic Jesus- Kiss Me”

The idea of the project was to make people aware of social issues in the 21st century. The fictional character was created and used to represent the problematic teenager. During my project the song was written from scratch.  The new members were found, lyrics and melody written. As the final result the song was recorded and released.

You can listen to in online:

Project team: Nikita Medvedev (EE)



Hope for angels

In this project a video was made about the situation in the Latvian Children hospitals Oncology ward showing why they need money to renovate the hospital. The patients, their parents and the social workers were interviewed to get the main felling about how it is to live in the ward. The main goal was to inform the society about the oncology ward and how is it to have an oncologic illness as well as to help to fundraise for the hospitals renovation. 

Video is available online -

Project team: Linda Sprunga (LV)



Step Outside

The idea of this project is the excursion for homeless people from the shelter. It is a part of a rehabilitation program in non-profit organization “Nochlezka” ( People come to the shelter from the street, social workers help them to solve their problems. There are humanitarian and social assistance in the shelter, but psychological help and personal support are missing. The goal of the
excursion to the museum is to go beyond the usual professional interaction with homeless people. Project team is confident, it was a good experience that homeless people can use in the future. For now after the realization of the project, negotiations with the administration of the Russian Museum are taking place for free monthly visits to the museum for the homeless people from the shelter.
Photos -

Project team: Ekaterina Krykova (RU), Elena Kondrakhina (RU)