"Bridge it!" projects 2012

During the first year of "Bridge it!" we received 12 project applications. 10 of them were successfully implemented. Here's small description of some of them.

"Bridge It!" stands for the values of democracy, critical thinking, and diversity awareness. Shared values are a prerequisite for potential partners and donors. In this sense, the Programme does its best to pay an exclusive attention to the selection of partners and donors for the projects being implemented by our fellows. Nevertheless, "Bridge It!" is not responsible for partners or donors attracted by fellows, shouldn't this information have communicated to the Programme Coordinators in advance.

Virtual Reality

Non formal education seminar - Virtual Reality  was orientated on young people to understand how important skills of constructive communication nowadays are.  We are responsible for others to understand what we are really thinking. This responsibility is important in the internet environment as well. Internet has become as an inalienable part of our real life. Unfortunately and frequently it connotes with rudeness, violence and impoliteness in the internet environment and also it is a reflection of communication in our real life. Seminar was  presented interactively - discussions, role games, methods, teamworks and it was for 9 participants - 4 days. 

Project team: Ieva Štrāle (LV), Sabīne Jermaloviča (LV), Eva Gulbe (LV)

Use Yourself Useful

Our project was focused on young people in the village Pelči. We informed young people about free time spending options in Pelči and Kuldīga. Young people, who are active in several free time spending organizations, was told about their experience and possibilities offered by these organizations. We involved participants at different games, acting elements and made creative workshops.

Project team: Elīna Šmite (LV), Kitija Fricsone (LV)


Following the Russian Culture in Riga

Project was carried out in the form of photo orienteering games. They took place in the city-centre of Riga on the 26th of October 2012. The main idea of this event was to introduce the participants with the objects (buildings, squares, monuments etc.) of Russian culture’s heritage in Riga. Photo orienteering games turned out as an interactive way that let the participants explore the positive aspects from cultural interaction and the long-term presence of other ethnic group in Riga. The emphasis on culture and science helped to create more positive images of Russians in Riga and ruin some negative stereotypes about them.

The project was intended to develop the activity, orienteering skills, and creative abilities of young people and also to promote intercultural communication.

Project team: Anita Kundrāte (LV), Anda Miščenko (LV

Make Good with Activities

This project was about violence in schools. We got 3rd,4th,5th,9th grade students and had a lesson about this topic for 80 minutes. In these 80 minutes we played gaumes in order to show how to avoid violence, we had a psychology teacher who told everything about it and had a workshop were they draw their pictures about „ how they feel in school”. These activities took place 4 days – pupils of different grades each day.

Project team: Evija Lukaševica (LV), Egija Miška (LV) 

Polite me - Polite World!

This project is about impoliteness in Russia. This problem is very actual for Russia. So I had conducted surveys to learn more what people think about it. After that I organized workshops. The topic was effectiveness of polite communication. I choose students of St. Petersburg University as target audience. Methods were Forum-Theater, discussion and other methods of informal education. 

Project team: Elena Eniushkina (RU)

Feel Free to Be Different!

The project “Feel free to be different” was dedicated to social problems in connection with stereotypes and discriminations existing in society towards different minority groups and lack of tolerance. It was created in two levels that showed, on the one hand, the personal experience and skills of minorities and, on the other hand, reflection of audience involved in the project activities.
Members of the project team have often communicated with people from these social groups and still have relatives, friends and colleagues among them. Therefore they have had face to face contact not a general overview and have made a clear vision about problems of these people.


Project team: Anastasija Beļikova (LV), Mariona Baltkalne (LV)

Play 2B Democratic

There are ignorance and misunderstanding of youngsters on democratic lifestyle, coexisting of people of different origin and conflict resolution in Africa. Furthermore, there is a lack of the innovative and attractive methods in the sphere of education (on democracy, human rights, conflict resolution) also. The project idea was an efficient democratic/civic society promotion. It means sharing with aroung 30 students and young researchers from African countries ideas on democratic lifestyle and conflict resolution. The main instruments were Israeli-developed “Betzavta” methodology - the family of board, psychological and role-play games. Substantively, it was 3 game sessions in combine with a reflection discussions and seminars about political participation and representation.

The Project was implemented in Institute for Cultural Diplomacy non-profit organization’s headquarters in Berlin (Germany). The direct participants of The Project were 25 attenders of Umoja Conference 2012, organized by ICD. Whole Project was made as workshops, part of the conference.

Project team: Artūrs Hoļavins (LV), Andreea Peptine (RO)

Enable Disabled

In the framework of this project project team interviewed several disabled people in St.Petersburg and created a short movie. Aim of this project was to make videos of good stories about disabled people, their hobbies, daily life, work and good examples of solving their problems. Thus project team wants to show the real stories of disabled people, boost the self confidence in them as well as to change the perception of them in the society.

The video is available for watching here.

Project team: Alexandr Petrov (RU), Yanis Dombrovskiy (RU)


Be Yourself!

The main idea of project is helping pupils in the choice of their future education, according to their preferences, values, interests. Project includes discussions, games, workshops, lectures, competences tests. Pupils should know more about different opportunities, diversity of lifestyles in order to become more confident and purposeful. Breaking stereotypes about course of life (they follow common idea, but they haven’t their own) they could do the right choice for themselves.

Project team: Viya Vovk (RU)