Bridge it! is a joint program of

  • Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg (DE), 
  • German-Russian Exchange (RU), 
  • ORBITA (LV), 
  • Lithuanian Youth Centre (LT) and 
  • Domus Dorpatensis Academy (EST).

It was established in 2012.


The Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg supports young people who wish
to engage as active and self-reliant citizens. Our tools include seminars, further education, support for volunteer work in
projects and guidance through mentorship.

THK's qualification concept allows us to concentrate on the personal development of the individual, strengthening social skills and assuming responsibility. In THK's focus regions, we work together with partners in local or cross-border programs.

We promote a culture of active citizenship, which for us means transparency, openness, trust, diversity-consciousness, equality-orientation and social responsibility.  The Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg is a program of the foundation Robert Bosch Stiftung and the MitOst Association.

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German-Russian Exchange

For over 10 years, the German-Russian Exchange has been working to facilitate the exchange of innovative ideas and experience between activists and non-profit organizations in Russia and Europe. Together with its Berlin partner organisation Deutsch-Russischer Austausch e.V., GRE is currently implementing projects involving volunteers, school and cultural exchanges, and human rights education.

Our youth activities involve a wide range of various programmes and projects. Among them is a "Tolerance" program which includes film festivals, discussion clubs and trainings at schools, aimed at promoting tolerant consciousness and behaviour by means of joint actions. Another direction of our youth activities is developing civic society initiatives: we run an on-going debating society, film and discussion clubs, organise a series of seminars for students and young researches on the topic of EU-Russia relationships (EU Study seminars), support creative initiatives and ideas from active youth groups and private individuals. In addition to that we're promoting environmental awareness among youth groups by involving them into international environmental and cultural activities (one good example is Moving Baltic Sea project), organizing volunteer exchanges between Russia and Europe.

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Orbita is an NGO, uniting Russian poets, photographers, musicians and multi-media artists in Latvia. Organization
is active in the culture scene of Latvia since 1999, creating
performances, publishing bilingual literature, photo catalogues, researches about contemporary literature and translating contemporary Latvian poetry into Russian language. Orbita is active in facilitating active and successful cooperation among Latvian and Russian authors and artists in the framework of various projects. NGO has an important role in the creation and maintaining of the creative bridge between Latvia and Russia.

Aims of Orbita include popularization and development of creativity, finding new authors in the field of artistic creativity, facilitation of civil integration with the help of different culture forms, breaking stereotypes about Russian community in Latvia as well as Latvians and Russians in general and to form a balanced, tolerant and democratic society.

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Domus Dorpatensis Academy

Domus Dorpatensis (DD) Academy is a one-year
training and development programme for young

The aim of DD Academy is to empower and give them the practical skills to become changemakers in the society. During the intense programme, all participants can experience team work and team management, launch their own initiative, learn to debate and to speak in public. All these activities are supported by trainings, personal guidance and a friendly environment.

DD Academy has considerable experience in developing and implementing non-formal citizenship education programmes for young people. A big part of the programme is run by volunteers who also have a background of being participants in the programme.

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