Elena Razumovskaya

I am based in St. Petersburg, working as freelance trainer in non-formal education. My trainings are about intercultural leaning, stereotypes and discrimination, as well as conflict resolution. I also do skills' trainings about communication tools, project management tools, team work, learning tools. Besides that, I also moderate strategic team meetings for organizations. 

In my work for Bridge it! I value very much the possibility to contribute to the development of my home region, which is actually bigger than Piter (I was born in Vilnius, grew up in Pskov). I also want to support development of young people, to show them other perspectives, let them believe more in themselves and in the future of the Baltic Sea region.

In my free time I like to learn und to practice different body activities: dances, yoga, authentic movement. 



Olga Skobina

I live now in Ryazan, which is located 200 km from Moscow. I’m a coordinator of Association of Russian trainers “ARTa” and a freelance trainer in civic education. My trainings are about diversity, antidiscrimination, creativity, teamwork and project management tools. I also do trainings about facilitation and principles of non-formal education. Besides that, I like to develop educational concepts and implement different projects of civic education.

As for Bridge It! I was one of the founders of the programme in 2011. During that time, I lived in St. Petersburg and believed that we as citizens and young generation can contribute to the development of the Region, as well as foster a peaceful communication and enrich each other. I continue my involvement within the programme as a facilitator, mentor and supervisor for new facilitators in Bridge It!.

In my free time I like to go to the nature, cinema and to parallel worlds via books. I’m very happy to be a part of growing Bridge It! community.



Inga Bodnarjuka - Mrazauskas

I`m based in Riga, Latvia, working as a culture manager with national and international projects for more that 10 years. My main working field is Culture and event management. Right now organising Latvia national stands and culture programs in international Book fairs, working as a project manager of Latvian-Russian multimedia artist group "ORBITA" and actively participating in culture life.

My interests are connected to culture, cultural politics and inter-cultural dialogue, diversity, urban development, social activities and project as an instrument for change.



Anna Ganina

I’m from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. After graduation from St-Petersburg University on Economy of Labour, I worked in the field of Human Resources.

For me, feeling of social impact (of things that I do) is really important. So I’m working now on different projects such as organizing events, forums, seminars, exhibitions. I work with topics such as NGO development, social entrepreneurship, personal development. Besides that, I’m currently studying to become a personal psychological consultant.

My interests among others are jazz dances and improvisation. I get inspiration through chatting with close friends, family and new people in my life, and by walking in nature and discovering new sights. 



Laura Leimane

I am a culture manager from Riga with a passion for stage art. Since year 2008, I’m working in the Daile Theatre, the largest repertory theatre in Latvia.

I got acquainted with Bridge It! and non-formal education, in general, in 2012 and since 2013 I'm also a facilitator of the programme. Due to my education and previous experience, I know well the insights of project management and PR (especially in the field of culture). What fascinates me the most in working with people, is to see them evolve and grow. 

Outside work I enjoy choir-singing, attending theatre performances and concerts, and fooling around with friends.



Alex Petrov

I am now based in Vilnius, Lithuania. I like travelling and making different projects. I also work part-time as a culture-manager, organizing exhibitions and workshops with Swedish Institute. Besides that, I have a small online shop, selling designer clothes from Ukraine.

Baltic region is my passion, which is reflected also by living in Riga, Latvia before coming to Vilnius. I became a Bridge It! facilitator, because I believe that we have something to discuss and decide all together. I am looking forward to meet with you!



Sabīne Jermaloviča

I am a culture manager in Riga, Latvia. Therefore, my everyday life is connected with smaller and bigger scale culture and art projects. Besides that I am currently studying Anthropology, since I am into understanding different sociocultural processes of the society. My topics of interests are cross-cultural communication, production of cultural meanings, identity, construction of boundaries, diversity and gender.

I am also interested in arts, especially theatre. Therefore, I enjoy to use and to participate in artistic, creative methods in non-formal education. In general, I think the best thing in non-formal education is that one can discover answers in the process and therefore, it is a great learning experience.



Sergei Tereshenkov

I originally come from St. Petersburg but used to live in Germany, Poland, Italy, and Perm. Besides, I am fond of Baltic states and often return here being an expert on Baltic-Russian relations. I fluently speak English, German, and Polish, also Lithuanian and Estonian as well as have basic knowledge of Latvian. I am an active author as well as PR & GR specialist. Besides, I moderate a blog on Baltic states.

Being a trainer in the fields of non-formal education, project management, media and communications, I have been a member of the facilitators’ pool of the Theodor Heuss Kolleg of the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the MitOst Association and SALTO Youth. Currently, I reside in Berlin and work as Senior Coordinator for Public Relations at the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum.



Liubov Martsenjuk

My name is Liuba and I am from Petrozavodsk (Karelia ❤, Russia). My fields of interests are youth media, critical thinking and the Baltic Sea Region in all its manifestations. I work as the head of PR department in a Regional karelian youth center and have eudcational backgrodund in international relations and public policy. 

Why Bridge It? 

  • a real opportunity to change the world for the better 
  • crazy drive of youth
  • endless source of new knowledge and skills 

See you at one of Bridge It seminars ;) 



Sille Sepp

I'm back living in Estonia after working and studying abroad for some time. My work experience varies quite a lot, but bridging link to all of them is project management, coordination and strategic development.

My educational background comes from urban studies, as I just finished my Masters degree in Urban Governance in Tallinn University. My focus there was on linking together urban planning and health management.

Aside to that, I'm very much interested in critical thinking, social constructivism and civic education. I also love to sing, dance and play music as a hobby as well as find peace of mind by doing yoga in my free time.



Irina Flotskaya

My name is Irina and I come from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I have two educations: technical and psychological. Now I work as a psychologist with adults and families as well as a trainer in non-formal education field. That is why I like to make sessions on “soft skills” and psychological aspects also in the seminars.  

I like my cat, city, job as well as playing table tennis, quizzes, reading library books, ride a scooter and observe everything around me. I dream tо learn to dance.