Bridge it! is an empowerment programme for young people from Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), Finland and the North-West of Russia. It connects people and raises their interest in the Baltic region. The program is based on non-formal educational methods, stimulating the participants to develop critical thinking, diversity awareness and giving them impulses for civic involvement and a space for trying out own initiatives.  The heart of Bridge It! are democratic values that live in our communication, activities and social changes we support.

Starting from 2016, the core topic for the program has been "Imagined communities". Going further from B. Anderson's view on it, we see this as a roof term for many other communities - (sub)cultural, ideological, virtual etc. "Imagined communities" gives the participants a chance to contest, discuss and construct the interesting and complex identity that our target countries share. 

What it all means?

Civic involvement – none of us is a deserted island, we live among other people in a certain environment; we work, go to universities, do leisure activities, attend some social events. Some of us are more privileged, some less. Whatever the circumstances are, we can be involved in social processes and influence their development.

Empowerment – we are confident that you have ideas on how to improve the environment you live in. We all have dreams which could actually get realised. Within the Bridge it! Programme, we support our participants in finding your field of interest, the burning topic, the most interesting idea and help to develop it into real activities that bring changes.

The Baltic sea region is geographically small enough to find common things with other participants but also large enough to make you possibly look at things from a slightly different angle. It widens our perceptions, gives different opinions, helps to compare and form own attitudes.

Non-formal education – within the seminars of Bridge it!, the participants learn a lot but definitely not in a traditional way. Sitting behind a desk and passively listening to a lecturer is not our approach. We let you learn yourselves by discussing, experiencing, asking, creating, imagining, laughing, and doing many other crazy things. We want you to feel comfortable and encourage the natural function of your brain – learning.

Critical thinking – not only the form of learning is different, it’s also the content. We want to make you think and find answers to your questions yourself. Only an ignorant person has no opinion, therefore we encourage you to think critically and to find answers to your own questions.

Democratic values are an important precondition for building a strong society. Bridge it! team believes that each of us counts. We have our rights and our duties but each of us is unique. We must support each other in our uniqueness, respect the needs, and encourage positive social changes.

A programme – Bridge it! is not a one-time activity, each year of the programme consists of several seminars and activities in which we expect you as a participant to take part. Only by experiencing it, all of you will gain your best.



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